Yumei Zhou
1983  Born in the mountain of EMei,Sichuan Province,China
2003  Graduated from the high school attached to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,China
2007  Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,China

Solo Exhibitions
2007 Beyond Desire,Zhouyumei's Work Exhibition,ORGANHAUS, 501 Art Space,Chongqing
2008 Home·Adventure,Zhangxiaotao Office, 798 Beijing
2010  “Love Story-Pigeonhole Life— Minjie Zhang & Yumei Zhou’s Exhibition” Pingyao International Photographic Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2007   Love and Hurt,Art of performance         
       Vital International Chinese Live Art Festival,501 Contemporary Art Center,Chongqing   
2008   Unnumbered Divinity of Inebriation,Floating Scenery,K·Gallery,Chengdu
       Candy Therapy,Performance,ORGANHAUS,501 Art Space,Chongqing
       Enjoy Drug,Performance,‘Vital’International Chinese Live Art Festival,501 Contemporary Art Center,Chongqing
       Chongqing Internetional Artist Workshop,ORGANHAUS,501 Art Space,Chongqing
2011   Wang Xiaojian’s Contemporary Art Collection Show,moon art,Chongqing
The art files of Post-1980s,Songzhuang Art Museum,Beijing
2012   Irregularly spread,Some Art Space,Chongqing
2013   Cell processing factory,Chengdu MoCA
            The Zero State-2013 First China Installation Art Biennale, Museum Contemporary Art Beijing(MOCA)

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